The Spot Media Group is a top-rated advertising agency in York, PA that provides advertising, graphic design, marketing and web design services.

Branding & Design

Your company or organization has a story and it needs to be consistently told to your audience. That’s why your brand should shine through at every point it touches your audience. We not only take a deep-dive into what makes your company tick, we listen to create an expression of what your business wants to do now and in the future. In a world of constant noise, is your brand cutting through the clutter?

Website Design

Your website is likely the first place your customers will find you. When they do, are they finding a cohesive brand experience put in place by a team of experts with purpose. The Spot Media Group connects strategy and skill to tell your story across the mobile-first web. We build momentum and value with professional market insights and research to make sure your place on the web is unique to your business goals and most importantly, connects you in a useful way to your customers.


Your internet presence and advertising campaigns will only be as successful as the marketing strategy behind them. In order to get results and the ROI out of your advertising campaigns, you need to rely on a marketing company that understands multi-channel digital advertising and traditional media advertising and how to utilize the right channels to reach your desired target audience and accomplish your business goals.


Your advertising campaigns are closely monitored (by humans, not computers) to be sure that your advertising budget is being spent on the digital and traditional mediums with the highest ROI for you. With tracking, reporting and constant analysis of your campaigns, The Spot Media Group is focused on results and maximizing your advertising dollars.

Let’s Get Started!

We want to hear all about you – your brand story, target audience, marketing needs and business goals. Through conversation, we learn where you need to be now and where you want to go. We then execute a strategic marketing plan to reach your target audience with awesome creative to get you there.