Small Business Marketing Relief Fund

Small businesses are in dire need of our help. Make a donation today to support our GoFundMe campaign or apply to be considered for relief services.

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The Problem

The Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) has affected millions of small businesses and their ability to provide jobs in their communities. Normal business operations have been severely impacted, and many are experiencing formidable obstacles preventing them from generating revenue through the sale of their products and services. As a result, sales from new and existing customers have plummeted, putting both small businesses and their employees are at risk. Many are in dire need of our help.

Why We Are Raising Funds

In response to COVID-19, small businesses are in the process of changing their business models to adapt and survive. Unfortunately, as sales and financial visibility have decreased, many do not have the financial resources to cover advertising, marketing, and web services so they can successfully execute the changes and communicate them to the customers and communities they serve.

Want To Donate?

Through our GoFundMe campaign account, we are asking for your donation to assist the small businesses that need our help now. Donations made to the Small Business Marketing Relief Fund will be used to pay for small business marketing costs, including but not limited to advertising, consulting and web services.

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